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We Are Pleased To Present Our Website Located At Our Website, In The Same Services Provided By Its Intermediary, And Including The Pages That Can Be Accessed Through It, Hereinafter The "Site", And / Or Www .Bitcoin.Com, And Its Access, Is Subject To The Full Acceptance Of This Agreement That Contains The Terms And Conditions Of The Service, Hereinafter The "Terms Of Service".

For The Purposes Of This Agreement, The Abbreviation "You" And The Words "You" Or "User" Represent Any Natural Or Juridical Person, Group Without Legal Personality, Or Representative In Any Form Of Them, That Uses The Services And / Or Information Contained In The Software Or The Website. Access To The Site, Directly Or Indirectly, And Its Use And / Or Downloading Of Information Contained In It Implies That You Accept These Terms Of Service In All Its Parts.

On The Contrary, If You Do Not Accept The Present Terms Of Service, You Must Refrain From Accessing This Site, Either Directly Or Indirectly, And From Using Any Information Or Service Provided By It.


The User Who Accesses The Site Declares To Know And Accept The Confidentiality Policy And Is Obliged To Keep Absolute Reservation About The Data Provided Here. All Personal Information Provided By You, Including Data For The Offices And Any Other Reason Is The Sole Responsibility Of The Person Who Provides It, And Will Only Be Used By Our Website To Register It In The Programs And Services, Create Personal Accounts, Process And Follow Up Any Of Our Services, Answer Emails And Provide Information Regarding Your Account And Regarding The Goods And Services Contracted. Our Website Reserves The Right To Use This Information To Send Emails With Information Related To Your Account Or The Goods And Services Contracted, As Well As To Send Information About Promotions, Products Or Services That May Interest You, Unless You Indicate That You Do Not Wish To Receive Such Emails.

Our Website Will Not Sell, Rent Or Exchange With Third Parties The Personal Information You Provide To Us.


The Content, Organization, Graphics, Design, Compilation And Other Aspects Of The Site Are Protected By Intellectual Property Laws And The Different Regulations Of The Country Of Origin Of The Page. The Copying, Redistribution, Use Or Publication By You Of Any Such Material Or Parts Is Prohibited By Law. The Publication Or Transmission Of Information Or Documents On This Site Does Not Constitute A Waiver Of Any Right Related To Such Documents Or Information.

The Access, Printing, Download Or Transmission Of Any Content, Graphics, Images, Logos, Forms Or Documents On The Site, Gives The User Only Limited And Non-Exclusive Right For Their Own Use, And Not For Re-Publication, Distribution, Assignment , Sub License, Sale Or Any Other Use.

In The Event That Users Wish To Use The Trademarks, Names, Logos Or Any Other Distinctive Sign Available On The Site, And Which Are Owned By Our Website, You May Request The Necessary Authorization By Contacting The Master's Website By Contacting The Same By The Means Of Contact Indicated In The Present Terms Of Service.

Our Website Expressly Reserves The Right To Exercise All Civil And Criminal Actions Aimed At Safeguarding Their Legitimate Intellectual And Industrial Property Rights.


Access To The Site Is Not Restricted To Authorized Users And Any Visitor, After Subscribing To The Service. To Access Certain Services, The User Registration Is Required In The Database Of Our Website.It Is The User's Obligation To Safeguard Their Data And Access Codes, Since They Are For The Exclusive Use Of The Owner Thereof, And Their Custody And Correct Use Are Their Entire Responsibility, Therefore Responding To Breaches Of Confidentiality Obligations And Privacy Of The Information Contained In The Site. Obligations About The Veracity Of The Information.All The Information Provided By The User In Our Website Must Be Truthful And Verifiable, The Site May Request The User Identity Documents And Services That Prove The Veracity Of The User's Identity. For These Purposes, The User Guarantees The Authenticity Of All The Data Provided, And The Updating Thereof, Being Responsible For The Damages That Any Inaccuracy May Cause To The Same, To Our Website Or To Third Parties.


The Present Site May Contain Hyperlinks To Other Websites, Which Are Not Controlled, Edited, Or Have Any Legal Relationship With The Sites Of Our Website Not Being Responsible For The Content Or The Accuracy Of The Information Contained Therein. .The Function Of The Links Found On This Site Is Merely Informative, And Is Limited Only To Inform The User Of Other Sources Of Information Related To The Materials Of The Site Our Website In No Case Is Responsible For The Information That Directly Or Indirectly Can Be Obtained From The Sites Accessed Through The Hyperlinks Contained In The Site, If There Is Any Link That Causes Damage To The Site Will Receive The User Or Responsible Will Receive The Penalties Of Place For Having Interrupted The Privacy And Other Rights Of Our Website.

Those Users Who Wish To Establish Hyperlinks With The Site Our Website, Must Refrain From Making False, Inaccurate, Obscene And Incorrect Statements About The Site Or Its Content, As Well As Any Type Of Information Or Publicity That Causes Damage To The Site.In No Case Will Be Implied That Our Website Authorizes The Hyperlink Or Its Content, Nor Will It Be Understood That The Site Supervises, Approves Or Assumes In Any Way The Contents Or Services Offered Or Made Available On The Website In Which The Link To The Site Is Established.

The Establishment Of These Links Does Not Imply In Any Way The Existence Of Any Relationship Between Our Website And The Owner Of The Website On Which It Is Established.


The Services Are Only Available To People Who Have The Legal Capacity To Contract. Persons Who Do Not Have This Capacity, Minors Or Users Who Have Been Temporarily Suspended Or Permanently Disabled May Not Use The Services, Our Website Is Not Responsible For The Users And The Accesses Of These Users Who Do Not Have The Capacity Legal Use Of The Site.

Change Of Terms Of Use And Terms Of Service:

We Reserve The Right, At Any Time And Time, To Modify, Add, Delete, Alter And Update These Terms Of Use And Conditions Of Service. The Aforementioned Changes Will Be Effective Immediately Once They Are Notified, Which Can Be Done By Any Reliable Means, Among Others, By Its Publication On The Site. It Will Be Your Responsibility To Periodically Review The Terms Of Use And Terms Of Service On The Site. Your Use Of This Site After A Change Has Been Made In The Terms Of Use And Terms Of Service, Will Constitute An Express Acceptance Of Them.


In Addition To The Prohibitions That Are Expressly Contained In Other Sections Of These Terms Of Use And Terms Of Service, Users Are Prohibited From Using The Site In Any Way That Could Damage, Disable, Affect Or Overload The Site; Upload, Make Notices Or In Any Other Way Transmit Or Distribute On This Site Any Item, Including Without Limitation Any Computer Viruses. Interfere With The Security Of This Site; Infringe Commercial Patents, Registered Trademarks, Commercial And Industrial Secrets, Publicity Rights Or Any Other Proprietary Rights Of Any Natural Or Juridical Person, Collectivities, Etc .; Prevent Or Interrupt The Use Of The Site By Third Parties; Use Automatic Programs, Mechanisms Or Manual Processes To Monitor, Copy, Summarize, Or Extract Information In Any Other Way From This Site; Use The Accounts And Keys Of Third-Party Users, Or Any Other Information Without The Prior Written Consent Of The Owner; Create Accounts Or Use The Site By Providing False Data; Transmit From This Site SPAM, Chains, Junk Mail Or Any Other Type Of Unsolicited Mass Mail; Uploading, Distributing Or Disseminating Threatening, Harassing, Defamatory, Obscene, Pornographic, Fraudulent, Deceitful Material Or Information From The Site Or Threatening To Violate The Law, Good Customs Or Violate The Rights Of Any Other Person. Part, Or That Contains Requests For Fundraising, Among Others.


Our Website Is Not Responsible For Any Damage, Loss Or Loss To The User Caused By Failures In The Software, On The Server Or On The Internet. Our Website Will Not Be Either; Responsible For Any Virus That Could Infect The Users Equipment As A Result Of Access, Use Or Examination Of The Site Or As A Result Of Any Transfer Of Data, Files, Images, Texts, Or Audio Contained Therein.

The Users Will Not Be Able To Impute Any Responsibility To Him Or To Demand Payment By Loss Of Profit, In Virtue Of Damages Resulting From Technical Difficulties Or Failures In The Software, The Systems Or In Internet. Our Website Does Not Guarantee Access And Continued Or Uninterrupted Use Of Your Site. The System May Not Be Available Due To Technical Difficulties Or Internet Failures, Or Any Other Circumstance Outside Of Our Website; In Such Cases, Efforts Will Be Made To Restore It As Quickly As Possible Without Incurring Any Responsibility Whatsoever. Our Website Will Not Be Responsible For Any Error Or Omission Of Content On The Website.


Our Website Is Not Responsible For The Loss Or Eventual Damage That May Occur To The Files That Are Sent To You For The Presentation And Provision Of Your Services, Either Due To Technical Problems, Your Own Or Your Dependents, Which Is Why It Is The Responsibility Of The User To Back Up The Information Sent For The Provision Of Services.


This Agreement Will Be Governed By The Legislation Of The Republic Of Panama.

Any Dispute Arising From This Agreement, Its Existence, Validity, Interpretation, Scope Or Compliance, The Parties In Good Faith Will Try To Resolve Such Dispute Through Mutual Discussions Within A Period Of Twenty (20) Working Days Following The Date On Which The Disputing Party Notifies The Other Party In Writing Of The Dispute. If After This Period The Parties Have Not Been Able To Resolve The Dispute To Their Satisfaction, Either Of The Parties May Immediately Refer The Matter To The Competent Courts Of The Republic Of Panama.


When Filling Out An Affiliation Application And / Or Registering On The Site, You Grant Us A Mandate To Make A Purchase Order And / Or Prepaid Service To Acquire Any Of Our Services, Which You Have Selected In The Terms And Conditions Set Out Below.You Are Required To Create An Account For The Purchase Of Any Product Or Service. This Information Is Necessary So That We Can Offer Easy Access To The System, And To Print Your Orders, View Your Previous Purchases, Modify Your Preferences, And To Ensure The Authorized Use Of The Services Purchased.


All The Services And Products Offered On The Website Our Website, Contain Specific Conditions For Each Service Or Product That Users Accept At The Time Of Purchase, Including In The Case Of Trading And Investment Services, The Risks Associated With This Service And Its Incidence In The Expected Projected Result Which May Be Less Than Estimated, For This Case The User Is Responsible For Losses And Costs Suffered In This Type Of Service. Our Website Will Do Its Part To Manage Possible Gains On The Investments Of The Users Through The Acquisition Of The Trading Service, Knowing And Not Alleging Ignorance The User That This Activity Is Performed In The Financial Market And That Fluctuates Based On The Change That They Can Generate The Currencies Or Cryptocurrencies With Which The Trading Is Executed, So That Losses Or Changes In The Compensation Plan That Contains The Trading Service Is Not The Responsibility Of Our Website. Therefore Our Website, Is Not Responsible For Damages Caused By These Reasons Or Other Force Majeure, So It Is Not Required To Respond To Demands, Responsibilities And Costs Suffered By Or In Relation To A User , Natural And Legal Persons, Etc. The Investments And Costs Incurred By The User In The Products And / Or Services Offered Through Our Website Can Not Be Fully Or Partially Reimbursed Nor Can They Be Accumulated With Other Promotions.

The Services Will Always Be Understood Sold Under The Following Conditions:


This Privacy Policy Will Show You How We Use The Personal Information Registered On This Site. Please Read It Before Using The Site Or Supplying Any Personal Information. By Accessing And Using This Page, You Are Accepting The Practices And Processes Described In This Privacy Policy. These Practices May Be Changed, With The Changes Being Notified And Only Applicable In Information And Activities Concerning This Site. The Practices And Processes Concerning Privacy Listed In This Policy Apply Only And Exclusively To This Site. If You Make Links To Another Website Please Review The Privacy Policies Pertaining To This Site.